Publishing the outcomes or activities of universities/research institutes, or the technologies/products of R&D-oriented companies to citizens: To play this important role, it is required not only to communicate with them but to make them become a fan of those who want to dispatch information. Shifting from the promotion to the outreach is our basic mindset for research outreach activities.

In addition, the expectation to the “open science”, where citizens actively contribute to R&D activities is growing recently. Participating in the R&D projects gives them a sense of satisfactory and makes them a faithful supporter of your activities. “Open science” is a promising R&D approach that offers a “win-win” benefit both for scientists/researchers and citizens.

We offer planning/supporting services for your future research and development projects based on the outreach and open-science approach.

  • Contents for research outreach/press release
  • Introduction contents for newly-developed technology/machines
  • “Citizen Science” contents